All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness

Right so i found this series of books a couple of months ago and i have to say that these books ARE AMAZING. It was actually a friend of mine she let me borrow the first book in the series called A Discovery of witches, and it was not what i thought it was just by reading the title. The book was so enlightening, witty, funny, intelligent and a real fresh air from some of the crap that has come out lately.

A Discovery of Witches

A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES is about a a young woman called Diana Bishop, she comes from a long line of witches, and from a young age she has suppressed her witchy tendencies, until one night she comes across a manuscript called Ashmole 782, and it opens her world up to so many possibilities, problems and forces her to come face to face with her family legacy and the fact that she cannot run away from who she truly is. She also finds love in the most unusual place in the form of a 1500 year old vampire. I know what you are thinking Twilight all over again. BUT IT IS NOT.

Diana Bishop is actually a role model that young women need in this day and age, she is smart, she is strong and she has worked to get to where she is today, she isn’t some pathetic excuse of a woman that cannot live without her vampire boyfriend and goes into a catatonic state if he leaves. Diana actually fights for what she wants, for what she believes in and more importantly she is a woman, a teacher, and a witch before she is anyone’s girlfriend. And to be perfectly honest that is the type of role model that girls need in this day and age of TOWIE and Made in Chelsea, were all you need to be is good looking and ORANGE.

Deborah Harkness really does know what she is talking about when she wrote this story, i mean she is a historian along side being an author and she truly does know her stuff and it shows in her writing, the way she merges history, with everyday life and the supernatural is so flawless and so beautiful that it makes me jealous of her talent but also so grateful that someone with her talent and caliber is out there. Deborah just has a way with words that is awe inspiring and i just don’t have the words to describe how amazing she is.

IN ADOW you see Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont  (1500 year old vampire) fight for what they believe in, and also fight for there forbidden love for each other. You see their relation ship grow into a beautiful relationship. You learn bits about Matthews past and you learn a lot about Diana in the first couple of pages in the book. And it sets everything up for her next book Shadow Of Night.


SHADOW OF NIGHT, Diana and Matthew travel back in time to 1590 London Elizabethan time to escape the congregation (you learn about them in ADOW) and also to find a witch that can help Diana with her powers. In SON you see Diana battle with a different Matthew that she is not use to, a Matthew that is use to taking control, and having everyone answer him and not defy him, as that was the type of person he was in 1590. You also learn A LOT about Matthews past, and meet past family members that you thought were long gone.

In the second book Diana and Matthews relationship goes through a lot of strain, and as Diana learns more about the witch in herself she becomes more self reliant and becomes more of a whole character, and you see that strain on their relationship, but at the same time it grows there relationship as well. They go through a lot, with the witch trials and Diana Bishop being accused of witchcraft by a jealous old woman, to the subject of Matthews father, and a wedding, to a loss in a family and also jealousy. But in the end the two are stronger and not only did the travel back in time do Diana good, but also it does their relationship good and it does Matthew some good as well.

Once again in SON Deborah uses her knowledge of Elizabethan England to her advantage and introduces people of history  to the story and and winds them into the life of Matthew beautifully. She certainly has the knowledge of Elizabethan England that when you are reading the book, the amount of detail she puts into it, you can almost feel yourself being pulled back in time, and if you close your eyes you can picture how Elizabethan London is like.

Now the third book in the series is not out yet, it will be out on the 15/07/2014, and if its anything like the last two books it will be amazing. I am really looking forward to the next book, and even though i do NOT like the long wait i am kinda glad there is a long wait because that means the series is over just quite yet, and i will be sad when i have finished reading the third book, which is going to be called The Book OF Life.

If you want something decent to read that is smart, funny, witty, intriguing then these are the books for you. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED, and you will be reading these books in the years to come. 

I started reading these books back in august this year and i have   re-read them 8 times already i am on the 9th re-read because they are that amazing, and you do not get bored of them at all.

ADOW: A Discovery of Witches

SON: Shadow Of Night


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