Fifty Shades of Grey

cn_image.size_.fifty-shades-of-greyIt took me a long time to read this story. I never understood the whole hype when the books first came out. So one day when my internet was down and i had absolutely nothing to do i thought hey why not, and picked up the book Fifty Shades of Grey, and you know what OMG, i realised what i had been missing, yes it is a typical romance story (sort of), but at the same time i thought it was just going to be a story wrapped up with porn, but actually its not that bad. The sex scenes (and there are many), and done quite elegantly, they are not in your face, here there and everywhere, they don’t make the story, they add to the story. They add to the depth, and i can see why E.L James put them in. It wasn’t just sex she had done her research, and it really showed. It wasn’t some half arsed attempt. I was generally quite surprised (sorry E.L James if you ever read this), the characters had depth, it was a nice build on the relationship between Ana and Christian. You could tell she had thought about these characters (and everyone else in the story), they were very 3 dimensional characters.

The book is an easy read, but at the same time its a good read, to the point i finished the book in 6 hours and moved on to the second book, but at the same time i found the books weren’t cringe-worthy they didn’t make you embarrassed you were reading the books neither., they were thought out, detailed, enriching, intelligent and quite captivating, which is good because it takes a lot for a book to grab me, I have to be completely enraptured by the book for me to carry on reading. If the first 4 pages don’t capture me don’t expect me to read the rest of the book, and Fifty Shades of Grey did that to me.

But there is a down side to that, every one knows they are making a film and that’s good i can understand on a financial level why they would do that. But i am going to be nit-picking throughout the whole film, in fact i already am with some for the choices for the characters.

fifty2Firstly Christian Grey played by Jamie Doran now he wouldn’t be my first choice but seeing some of the picks of him as Christian in Entertainment magazine and on-line,  can picture him and he’s been in some good movies, Marie Antoinette, Once upon a time he played Sheriff Graham aka the huntsman,  other than those two big titles he hasn’t really been in a lot of things which is quite nice, it will give him a chance to really show the world what he can do, and i think its going to be a really big challenge for him and can go either of two ways he can shoot him to stardom for all the right reason playing the character really well, or shoot him to stardom for all the wrong reasons, as he does the character terribly. But honestly seeing some of his work before he is going to be fine, and should prepare for global stardom after these three films. I really do look forward to see what he does with Christian Trevelayn Grey.

She may prove me wrong but not my first, second or third choice

Secondly Anastasia Steele played by Dakota Johnson, this is TOTALLY wrong, Ana is supposed to be a a 21 year old, with dark hair and bright blue eyes to big for her face, in fact the exact quote is this:  I roll my eyes in exasperation and gaze at the pale, brown-haired girl with blue eyes too big for her face staring back at me, and give up. I am sorry but Dakota is NOT the one that i pictured playing Ana, and i haven’t seen her in ANYTHING, maybe she will surprise me maybe she will be really good, but for me she looks to old, in the pictures she looks like she is TRYING to hard to be innocent, because Ana is quite innocent in the books, especially the first one, hell she’s a virgin before she meets Christian, and I just feel the whole look of Dakota doesn’t work, her hairs to light, she looks strained in the pictures i have seen and she just looks wrong (I am sorry Dakota if you ever do read this, its just my opinion). Like i said i haven’t seen her in anything, so i could be completely wrong she may do the character justice, i really hope she does, and shut me up but that’s my opinion.

My thoughts on Mia Grey
My thoughts on Mia Grey

For Mia as I was reading the story I pictured Lucy Hale ( Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars), shes got the looks, she has the charisma of Mia and my god can that woman act. Yes she maybe a little young and maybe a little small in height but MY GOD can that woman act. NOT Rita Ora, who i haven’t seen her in anything at all, She just is NOT Mia Grey. Mia Grey is Tall, Curvaceous, Raven haired beauty that is Fluent in French, can play the Cello, intelligent and can cook. I am sorry but Rita does not fit the bill for me, and she looks like she has NEVER touched or prepared or cooked food in her life. I understand that this is just my opinion but I really don’t see Rita Ora as Mia Grey, and I honestly feel she would do a terrible job of the character and my even bring the film down.

Sorry Rita
Sorry Rita

Anyway that’s my thoughts on those three characters and i will be putting another post up on the rest of the characters, I     don’t want this to be too long for you guys. So post a comment let me know what you think, tell me if I am right or wrong or just down right stupid, i would like to know your thoughts.


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